Soulful Introspection 

A 9 month journey into your truest self.

All these and more are some essential questions of the human soul, questions that have no singular “right” answer or concrete way forward but which reveal themselves only through reflection, patience and surrender. The journey to cultivating INNER PEACE and JOY within the complexity of life is one we all want to reap the fruit of but don’t always want to put in the work to practice.  

This Program Includes:

• 18 x 45min virtual coaching sessions to be used within nine months 
• 3x90min virtual sessions to practice space for the sacred and dig even deeper into self-discovery through contemplative practice
• Tools/ readings/ resources to support your journey 
• Unlimited email access for questions, insight and other support
• Everything you need to discover who you are at your core  

Costs: $750 downpayment then $499/month or a one time payment of $4900 (thats a $341 saving)

Do you often find yourself Asking of the universe...

Who am I?
Why am I here?
What was I made for?
How do I uncover my purpose?
Who/what is God to me?
What do I believe?
 How do I lead with my values? 

If you are ready to do some deep soul searching in order to connect with a Higher Calling and with your Truest Self, then this program is for you.




Reconnecting to who you are and to how you want to be in the world.


Let go of the things you cannot change in order to tap into the power of  being present.


Accept each moment exactly as it is, for exactly what it is.


Discern the sound of that still small voice, guiding you from within.


Lay down the weight of hurt, resentment and unfulfilled expectations.


Cultivate a deep sense of unity, love and fulfillment in life and the unfolding journey. 


Live a calling larger than just yourself, while operating from your core values.


Break Free some self-imposed limitations and others expectations.


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