When I am not sitting one-on-one with a client, I am partnering with organizations to offer tailored materials, workshops, retreats and process facilitation where I incorporate coaching principles and techniques to support group learning. 


Hiring an external partner to create content and design programmatic offerings lets your organization tap into an expertise they otherwise might not have, saving both time and resources.

One-day Workshops | Multi-day Retreats | Year-long Programs

Process facilitation

Facilitators help make the most of organizational resources by creating neutral space for staff processing and using demonstrated processes, tools and techniques for eliciting authentic, strategic and creative engagement in community workshops. 

Race, Equity & Inclusion| Conflict Transformation |   Leadership for Social Change | Resiliency | Spiritual Formation | Team Building | Strategic Processing


Tel:  +1 760-705-8888 (N America) 

Tel: +66 99 131 1675 (SE Asia )

Tel: +256 077 839 5601(E Africa)

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