Get Unstuck

What happens when you organise your life around the belief that you aren’t quite good enough?


Perhaps you:

  • don’t apply for a job you would love because you don’t feel you are good enough to get it

  • don’t reach out to someone you admire and ask if they would be your mentor because you doubt they would want to mentor you

  • don’t ask a question when something is unclear to you because you don’t want to look stupid

  • stay in a job you hate because you feel sure you would fail miserably at something new

  • work long hours trying to get everything perfect, so no one can possibly criticise you?

What would happen in your career, perhaps even your life, if you could chose to move forwards with purpose, even in the presence of the voice that says, ‘You aren’t smart enough to do this?’; ‘You don’t know enough’; ‘You don’t deserve this’ or ‘Everyone will judge you’?


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