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Hi, I'm Akwése, a Transformative Leadership Coach &  Practitioner focused on supporting you to live to your truest and highest expression of self.  

Through regular one-on-one coaching sessions, group workshops or one-off retreats, I'll help you discover and become your authentic self so that you can live life aligned with your values and feel more capable, confident and fulfilled. Integrating personal, professional and spiritual dimensions of being, together we will "focus forward," to move you from a place of reaction to creative response.  


Operating from a strength-based perspective and self-empowerment model, each session or group experience will tap into and maximize the ability and knowledge you already have within. 


I'll partner with you to explore your interior layers of development, uncover greatness, clarify purpose and navigate life's complexities.

What are you waiting for?  Contact me now or set up a free introductory coaching session today! 

"Leading Whole is about walking boldly in your authentic self. It's a lifestyle that proclaims freedom and integration of body, mind and soul. It says no longer will I hide parts of myself or allow past experiences to dim my light. Instead I will honor my whole being by rooting in truth, compassion, 

forgiveness and self love, living to my truest and highest expression of self."

- Akwése





Tel:  +1 760-705-8888 (N America) 

Tel: +66 99 131 1675 (SE Asia )

Tel: +256 077 839 5601(E Africa)

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